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Zero Food Waste with Young George & Ethos Deli & Dining Room Head Chef, Melissa Palinkas

The food produced by Young George executive chef and co-owner Melissa Palinkas has been lavished with praise by food reviewers who describe her food with words like ‘inventive, fun, smart, original and drop-dead gorgeous’.

While she enjoys producing an innovative menu, Melissa runs a sustainable kitchen, making the best use of every part of vegetables and meats and minimising waste and plastic use.

Her ‘nose to tail’ or ‘root to shoot’ approach to cooking means that nothing is wasted. The trimmings of vegetables and meats are used in stock, and leftover vegetables are fermented or used for preserves.

She tries to reduce the carbon footprint of the kitchen by reducing the use of disposable plastics in her restaurant. Sauces are stored in recycled glass jars, and she sends the restaurant’s own crates to suppliers to be filled with produce.

Melissa’s first kitchen job was at the Brass Monkey, in Northbridge in the very early 90s. She has worked overseas in London and Dublin before taking the head chef at The Cabin in Mt Hawthorn for 4 years, before setting up Young George, which she describes as a neighbourhood bar with a serious focus on food. www.younggeorge.com.au

In 2019 Young George was awarded its first chef hat by the Good Food Guide Australia and 2 weeks later Melissa was awarded, title of Chef of the year by the WA Good Food Guide.

Melissa has featured in publications, such as Gourmet Traveller & Delicious magazine.

At the End of 2020, Melissa launched her new restaurant Ethos Deli & Dining room with partner Susan Whelan, a no-waste, sustainable New York Deli & dining room, with a European twist, a nod to Melissa’s heritage.

Ethos is 90% plastic-free, only uses biodegradable packaging, straws made from wheat, some packaging, is a plant-based cryovac bag her terrines are sold in.

Ethos recycles & repurposes all of its glass bottles. No waste sodas are poured at the table to retain the bottle for re use. Ethos has a strong zero waste policy, and supports farmers and producers to use up perfectly good stock, that would otherwise see landfill as it’s deemed not perfect.


Previous Events

Dirty Clean Food – Presented by Jay Albany

Jay Albany is the Founding CEO of Dirty Clean Food, the commercial food brand of Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: WOA). Dirty Clean Food (www.dirtycleanfood.com.au) is quickly becoming Perth’s ethical food leader. Jay is intensely committed to creating a disruptive channel that directly connects consumers to regeneratively farmed produce in Western Australia. Jay has spent his career building better networks to access quality food, and is keen to build a new channel that connects consumers to regenerative farmers in WA.

Jay has a wealth of experience leading growth initiatives and strategic partnerships in the consumer and financial services industries. Before joining Wide Open Agriculture, Jay spent the majority of his 20-year career in consumer-facing online start-ups and investment finance in New York, including twice building start-ups from inception to $20mn+ in sales. He is intent on doing the same in Perth. Prior to leading Dirty Clean Food, Jay was a senior executive at MaxDelivery.com and co-founded online grocer MyFreshGrocer, an eco-friendly online grocery in New York.

Finger food is included and drinks can be purchased at the venue.

How can you contribute to combating climate change with more informative purchasing decisions?

Wafa is a mum who is passionate about making this planet a better place for her daughter and all the coming generations.

She is helping individuals, community members and businesses to make informative purchasing decisions that don’t cause damage to our planet, the human and the non-human creatures who live on it.

It is true that we can vote with our money and we can change one thing at a time.

Reduce waste, invest in your health and in the of our planet is what the sustainable community club (SCC) is about.

Beekeeping & How to Help the Bees, with Daniel Bremer

Apiarist, Daniel Bremer from Danny Bee Good Bee Farm will educate us regarding the importance of bees, backyard beekeeping, and what you can do to help the bees. 🐝

Tickets are only $20, including finger food.

Organic wine, local beer, and nonalcoholic drinks can be purchased on the night.

This event will be held at the recently launched co-working space The Hub on SX in Freo. We are looking forward to connecting the community of like-minded individuals!

Better Style Urban Infill, with Chris Ferreira

Founder of The Forever Project, Chris Ferreira will be presenting better style urban infill at our June Living Earth Projects Sundowner Thursday 24th June.

Chris is a leader in sustainable living, and we are excited to learn more about Chris’s passion and vision for a more sustainable future.

Chris will be discussing how you can develop inspiring infill, to protect and enhance the wonderful existing features of our urban landscapes, such as trees, gardens, and heritage homes.

This event will be held at the recently launched co-working space The Hub on SX in Freo. We are looking forward to connecting the community of like-minded individuals!

Raphael’s Edible Gardens

On the 20th of May. Raphael will be discussing the environmental and health benefits of edible gardens through permaculture and circular economy.

“We all know the world is changing and we have to adapt. So why not get a garden going and learn how to produce your own nutritious and healthy food cheaply at home.” Raphael Wilkens, Permaculture Gardener

This event will be held at the recently launched co working space The Hub on SX in Freo.

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